Diva's Life: The Year I Blogged From My Phone Because I Couldn't Afford Internet + Try Because So Many Don't

Disclaimer: This has been saved in my drafts for a good minute. So keep that in mind when references to dates are off. These were my raw thoughts at the time and I don't want to edit them. I'm am finally ready to share.

People want to work in fashion and/or beauty, but let me tell you, they don't pay that great in the beginning. You have to love this ish man. This post was inspired by a recent blog post written by Claire Sulmers. She runs the mega online fashion mag Fashion Bomb Daily. On her personal blog, The Bomb Life, she discussed how one of her staffers was stuck in a rut in her post college life (I've been there, left there, came back, and trying to leave again.). So she offered more work to her on two occasions, the staffer declined both times. Then she got real with her.  If you want more you have to do more.

This reminded me of the year I blogged from my Samsung Galaxy 3 because I couldn't afford the internet. I hate looking at those posts, but they showed my determination to put Diva Chronicles out there. Between late 2013-2014, even the majority of 2015, I can say about 90% was shot, written, and published from my phone (I have upgraded twice since then, LOL!). I was also unemployed at the end of 2013, so when I went to the local library to apply for jobs, I'd publish a post. Some of my highest read posts are from that time period.

I could have easily given up. Blogging solely from a phone that overheats and shuts off is very inconvenient and annoying.  I just loved my site and wanted my end goal (digital mag) so bad that I sucked it up and did what I had to do to put content out.

Like Claire's staffer, I struggled between working in my field and pursuing my dreams. It isn't an easy decision but eventually she'll have to decide which direction she wants to take. I recently decided, and my transition was FAR from smooth or easy. Leaving a full-time job with benefits, moving, to taking on a part-time job at a major fashion retailer sounds crazy. But everyone's journey starts from that first step. If someone offers you an opportunity to give you more experience, you take it and figure it out along the way. Yes, you will have withdrawals from your former life. People will tell you what you're doing doesn't make sense. You will be advised to get a job just to get by and pay the bills. It will not be easy. As I said, so many people do not try. I at least want to try. I hope that young lady Claire mentioned at least tries.

P.S. I have new life updates since drafting this article, including two more streams of income in addition to the one noted above. I will spill more details  in another post.


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