Diva's Life: September in Photos

September 2016 is now history, and we are nearing the close of the first week in October.  I do not really have any new or oldcall my faves as I have been on a product diet for most of the year. My money has gone towards moving, which I did twice in the past six months  (more on that when I'm ready to share). However, that hasn't kept my from snapping away. Here are some of my favorite photos from September. 

Top Left: I love pizza! My mom and I tried a local Italian spot and the food was great! Pizza, pasta, salad, and quality time never gets old.

Top Right: Dyed my hair yet again. This color rollercoaster ride has been fun. Going back to black has not. However, it reminds me I tried something new.

Bottom Left: I just love statement jewelry. I keepy everyday pieces out and both decor and inspiration. 

Middle Right: How cool is this cassette tape coffee table?! Need!

Bottom Right: New favorite IG account is The Jungalow, and I loved every bit of this bathrrom remodel.


Joslyn, AKA Diva

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