Diva's Guide to Blogging: Mastering the Art of the Messy Photo In 3 Simple Steps

If you look closely, you may have noticed that "messy" photos are really popular on social media. Many beauty bloggers take makeup clutter photos, food bloggers capture photos with flours and utensils everywhere, and DIY bloggers often snap glitter confetti. What you may not realize is that these pictures are not as haphazard as they seem. They are often used to showcase product while making it seem effortless. If you want to know how to achieve the perfect messy photo, continue reading.

1. Choose a Focal Point

As you can see above, the Iman BB Creme is in the center and all the other products surround it. The entire product may not be able to get in the picture, but that is okay.

2. Show All Labels

Make sure that any product that can be seen has a label showing. This makes the clutter look less messy if that makes sense.  It also serves as a good reference for your readers or followers if they want to purchase a product you showcased.

3. Use Angles

To make things more visually appealing, using angles. This makes the viewer look at everything in the photo instead of what is just in the center.

Check out how these bloggers made their messy photos look artsy.

 Color Me Courtney

Notice how you can see the labels in her products shown and almost everything is at an angle. You notice the tote bag first, then your eyes travel to other parts of the photo. Courtney also threw in items such as a camera, keys, and business cards.

The focal point is the cake, but candles, forks, hats, and confetti strategically placed to make a "pretty mess" add interest.'

When a cosmetic bag falls and makes the perfect mess. 

There you have it folks. No go and make a mess!

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