Diva's Guide to Blogging: 3 Picture Angles That Helped Me Drive Traffic and Gain More Likes on Social

One thing I never thought about when I first started blogging was the importance of variety amongst my photos. I captured everything as if I was staking a photo of myself and things quickly got stale. I wonder how many of my colleagues produced such well received photos on their websites and social. Then I realized their pictures were slightly different.  Here's how I was able to drive more trafiic to my blog and on social by my change my photo angles.

1. Eye Level

 This allows you to have whatever you want to showcase in the forfront while adding visual interest in the back.

2. At An Angle

Taking pics at an angle showcases the focal point as well as related background objects that add visual interest.

3.  From Above 

This angles gives you a birdseye view and you can add more items in the pic.

That's it! What hacks have you learned while blogging?

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