App Review: Instagram Business

If you've noticed something different about the Instagram accounts you follow, it may be that the owner switched to "business mode". You will see titles such as "Personal Blog ", "Public Figure", or "Health/Beauty" in the bio. If you have a website, goods, or services you want to promote, switching may be good for growth. I switched and this is my experience.

Broader Audience 

As you can see, I need some help in the followers department.  When I switched to a business account, more eyes were able to see my page, therefore briging in more followers.  I've gotten about 3-5 new followers a week since then. When I cover major events such as awards show red carpets and fashion weeks, I get plenty of traffic.


By clicking the bars at the top right of the page, I can see my account insights. This is a breakdown of my top posts, peak times your page is viewed, impressions, reach, engagement and website clicks for the week

Impressions: Total number of times a post has been viewed.
Reach: Number of unique  accounts that have seen your post.
Engagement: Number of likes and comments on a post.

By reviewing this info, I can see what type of content  I need to continue posting and what I need to nix.


Diving deeper into demographics, Instagram Businesses does a great job at telling you how many followers I've gained for the week, what percentage of my existing followers are men and and women what along their age range. 

Tech Specs:

Compatibility: Apple and Android
Memory Storage (Per my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5): Total 62.58 MB, App 51.45 MB
Data: 11.12 MB
Lagging: None experienced. My phone did not run slower while I was in the app.
Crashing: Some rare crashing was experienced. However, it wasn't frequent enough to deter me from using the app.

Instagram Business is Diva Chronicles approved! I loce how I can keep up with individual post performanceand how well traffic is being driven to my website.

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