App Review: Beaumoji

Happy Friday Everyone!

I took an unintentional break, but that's what life does. It throws curveballs you don't see coming. I go into why I haven't posted much this week on the site or social media on my Instagram Stories, so head there before they're gone if you want those details. Anywho, while I was away, I downloaded the Beaumoji app,  because it was a beauty girls dream! Well, at least I thought so. I wanted to love it, but it was not Android friendly. Yes, I'm still team Android, and my Galaxy Note has yet to blow up. Just saying.

Let's get into the review.

App Description:
The ultimate emoji haul….introducing Beaumoji, the new emoji keyboard for all things beauty and beyond that lets you and your squad stay on fleek! Attention beauty junkies: the days of #basic beauty emojis are over. Beyond the kiss emoji, the hair flip emoji, the lipstick emoji, Beaumoji offers so much more! For all your beauty moments, we’ve got the new emoji app for you: Beaumoji.

View of my keyboard once downloaded on my phone.


Free emoji keyboard!
• Choose over 100 Beaumojis!
• All of this plus an integrated QWERTY keyboard will work with your favorite messaging apps: iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email & more.
• Beaumojis requires iOS 8.0 or later

View of my keyboard once downloaded on my phone.

My Thoughts:

One thing I did notice was diversity among the emojis in regards to race and sex.  I applaud Beaumoji for that. I also liked that the emojis were separated by categories: beYOUtiful, Pampered Life, It Girl, and Iconic. This made finding the emojis I wanted to use easy for me. If only I was able to use them. Typing was a pain. There is no autocorrect and the floating keys got in my way, so I had to constantly correct myself. I can't use an emoji while in another app. I have to first choose the emoji then share it with the app I want to use it in. What if I'm already in Facebook, Twitter, or my text messages? It makes me come out of the app then go back in. I don't like that. This ultimately made me unistall the app on the second day. I just couldn't continue.

Compatibility: Apple and Android
Memory Storage: (Per my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 5): Total 60.20 MB.
Lagging: None experienced. My phone did not run slower while I was in the app.
Crashing: Some rare crashing was experienced. 

So it is safe to say that I am back to using my default keyboard. Have you tried Beaumoji? What are your thougts?

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