Small Business Spotlight, Diva's Life: Diva's Marketplace + The Fear of Starting

I always aim to highlight small businesses. This one is very special because it is mine. I had the Diva's Marketplace domain on ice for about two years now. I wanted to create something that was an extension of the blog; tangible items that reflected the Diva Chronicles mission. 

However, it was shelved when I partnered with a friend to start a short lived boutique  consulting firm helping small business become more knowledgable about personal care industry. I still want to help, but I don't think that is my calling right now.

Enter Budda Love lip balms. This is the first product in the line up. It's balm consisting of cocoa, shea, and mango butters. I made it with what I had in my house and sold it to primarily friends and family. Then cowokers, then people who were referred to me started asking how can they get one. This prompted me to create FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts (please like, follow, and tweet me)  so people can contact me and keep up (Contact me if you would like one).

I will not lie to you. Putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur is terrifying, at least for me. Which is probably why I've had an LLC collecting dust for four years and changed my business name under said LLC twice and this blig post has been in draft mode for about two weeks. I was running from what I needed to be doing and was good at in the first place. Making products. Now I am not saying I don't have a lot to learn, because I am always learning. I just am forcing myself to keep from not starting because "it's not time yet". I need to push this side hustle if I ever want it to be my main income one day. I was so afraid of making mistakes and wanting everything in order because I'm so Type A that I didn't start. I had to tell myseld that I WILL mess up, I just have to make sure my broom and dust pan are within reach to clean up.

So this is my other baby (Diva Chronicles is the first) . Diva's Marketplace is more than just lip balm as you will soon see. It will be stocked with beauty, bath, and  body products made by me and eventually other crafters. I plan to expand to home decor and apparel by indie designers. 

This is only the beginning. To begin, you must start. I've started.

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