Fashion Discussion: 14 Street Style Stars I'm Looking Forward to Seeing During New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has commenced and one of my favorite parts is the street style. There are certain people whose style I adore and I'm sure will be in attendance for the shows this week. In no particular order, they are:

1. Claire Sulmers, Fashion Bomb Daily

Claire Sulmers rue 107 yellow duster sheer pants outfit fashion bomb daily

2. Mira Duma
Image result for mira duma

3. Tiffany Battle, The Werk Place

Image result for tiffany battle

4. Marjorie Harvey, The Lady Loves Couture

Image result for marjorie harvey in chanel

5. Esther Quek, Editor-in-Chief of Citizen K Arabia

Image result for esther quek colorful trench

6. Davidson Frere, Designer- Musika Frere 

Image result for davidson frere

7. Aleks Musika, Designer-Musika Frere 

Image result for aleks musika

8. Tinie Tempah, Artist

Image result for tinie tempah in burberry

9. Rihanna,Artist

Image result for rihanna fashion week

10. Zendaya,Artist

Image result for zendaya fashion week

11. Janelle Monae, Artist
Image result for janelle monae fashion week

12. Solange, Artist

Image result for solange fashion week

13. Shiona Turini, Stylist

Image result for shiona turini fashion week

14. June Ambrose, Stylist

Image result for june ambrose fashion week

many, many more. I love fashion weeks. I will try to do recaps of my favorite shows and street style looks.

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