Diva Chronicles Makeup Guide:7 Makeup Shopping Tips for Beginners

We're back after a much needed three day weekend here at DC. You can't stay on vacay forever, so let's get into today's post!

I was enlisted as beauty concierge to my best friend while shopping for makeup over the holiday weekend. She's usually a bare faced, lip gloss, and defined brow type of girl, but wanted to try out some foundation.  I took her to one of the most affordable makeup counters for someone dipping their toe in the makeup pool: MAC.  This is because there is not so much of a sticker shock and their products are beginner friendly. I asked her a few questions and gave her a few tips to keep in mind before we began our journey, so grab a pen and paper (or app) so you can be prepared if you're going shopping for makeup for the first time as well.

Before: Artist applying Studio Tech foundation in NW45. Nightmoth liner and KHAAANNN! lip gloss on lips.

1. What Is Your Budget?
This allowed to me to gauge which brand I wanted to steer her towards. Foundations and powders can cost up to $100 for just those two items depending on the brand, so keep in mind what you're willing to spend.

2. What Do You Want Your Makeup to Look Like?
Seeing timelines littered with beat faces can be overwhelming when trying to find a look that best suits you.  Ask yourself if you want your makeup to look like skin but better, or full-on glamazon with contour, highlight, and lashes?

3. Be Honest With the Artist At the Counter.
The artist's job is to sell you product. When showing you how to apply the makeup, they will likely  apply a full face of makeup which can be anywhere between 5-7 (primer,foundation, powder, blush, lipliner, lipstick and/or lipgloss) products. If you know you don't want or need everything they are demonstrating, do not be afraid to speak up. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed when you are just starting out.

4. Ask Questions.
The beauty industry has its own language, so if you aren't familiar with terms the person at the counter is saying, ask for your understanding. You can also bring a beauty-savvy friend along like my BFF did to explain certain things while the artist helped other customers (this helps if it is busy like it was this past weekend).

5. Skip Simple Tools.
Items such as wedge sponges and sponge applicators can be purchased for WAY less at retailers such as dollar stores, Walmart and Target. Reusable sponges are a different story.


6. Buy What You Know You Will Wear.
If you aren't a lipstick , but more of a gloss person like my friend, then go for a gloss. Get an amped up version of what you already buy. Once you get used to that, then venture out a bit.  If not, you would  likely not use the product and will feel as if you've wasted 
your money.

7. Have Fun!
Have fun and don't put to much pressure on yourself or the process.

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