Diva's Life: Staying Inspired to Do Thing Called Blogging Ain't Easy

It's 7:17 p.m. and I want to put a post up. The problem is, I'm tapped out. If you haven't noticed, I've been blogging daily for about the oast month. This doesn't include weekends, I'm still mustering up the energy to add that to my schedule, but it's coming.

Daily blogging has been challenging, yet rewarding.  I've driven more traffic to the site as well as its social media channels. One challenge I have yet to think about is what to post when I'm fresh out of ideas and/or just want to take the day off? I can't lose steam now, I'm on a roll. I just need some R&R. I have A LOT going on personally and that paired with work and blogging has me wanting my bed and Netflix when I get home. 

So I decided to just vent a bit. I've posted ancient drafts since I've been more stressed than inspired the past few days. Now since the drafts aren't working, you get a peek inside my brain. Think of it as front row seats to the Life As A Blogger Show. 

How do you stay inspired?

Until next time...


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