Diva's Guide to Blogging: 4 Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos

If you are just starting to blog, you have probably learned through experience or research that photos make your posts more visually appealing to readers. However, if you're just starting out, you probably don't have the budget set aside for stock photos.
Stock photos are generic photos that many companies such as Getty Images, Adobe, and Canva sell to people who want to use them for their perspective projects.  These are great sources if you want to go that route, but you can create your own. Doing so adds more of a personal touch to your website and social media platforms. Here is how I create stock my photos.

1. Take Plenty Pictures but Don't Post Them All at Once

When we are in the moment, we like to snap and post, but save some for a later date. I took this while on a boating trip a few weekends ago, but it didn't make the main post or social media. Create a folder in your phone and or computer called "Stock Pics" or whatever works for you and place your extra pictures there.  This allows you to pull from there anytime you need to. 

2. Take Pictures of Everyone's Food and Drinks 

If your run the type of platform such as Diva Chronicles, where food is occasionally the topic of discussion, it is good to have some related photos in reserve. We all know Instagram food photos are popular, especially on the weekends during brunch hours. Simply ask your friends or family if you can take a picture of their plates before they dig in so you can add them to your repertoire. The above photo was actually my mom's appetizer from my birthday dinner in April. Now you can post a tasty looking dish while you're comfy in your pjs at home. You're adding content to your social media platforms without always having to 1. Spend money and 2. Be there.

3. Take Pictures of Common Objects

Like this strategically placed yet messy looking pile of makeup. This is from my own stash. Now If I have a beauty related post, I can use a picture such as the one above. Diva Chronicles discusses beauty heavily so this makes sense for my platform. Whatever yours is about take pictures of related objects in different lighting with various backgrounds to add variety.

4. Take Pictures of Buildings, Art,  and Empty Venues 

Doing so can add architectural and artistic interest to your social media feed. It also breaks up the selfie and food posts. I took the above picture while in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. If you spot a cool mural, snap it and save for later.  I used this tablescape from an empty table at the restaurant I ate at for my birthday for my Netflix and Chill post a few weeks back.

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