Diva's Fashion Guide: 5 Simple Tips for Choosing and Buying Costume Jewelry That Looks Expensive and Will Last

Happy Monday!

This post is all about costume jewelry. I get a lot of compliments on my jewelry and probably even more questions. They range from if I made it, where did I get it from, and how much did it cost. I do not break the bank when it comes to my costume jewelry. They key is to find pieces that look expensive for less!  Below I'll share my tips for buying costume jewelry. 

1.  Weight

If the piece has some weight to it, then chances are it will last longer because it is made out of more durable materials.

2. Unique Design

Choose pieces that are so unique that they will never go out of style because there was nothing really like it to begin with. 

3. Resemblance to Real Jewelry

Faux and real sterling silver bangles worn together.

Find pieces that will blend seamlessly with your real jewels.

4. Don't Break the Bank!

I never spend a lot of money on my costume jewelry. It's not real, why would I? However, I like for my rings ans bracelets to look like real metals and jewels. For help with that, return back to 1-3.

5. Shop Anywhere!

I've found great pieces at malls, thrift stores, and small family owned boutiques. Don't be afraid to hunt. 

That's it! What methods do you use when costume jewelry shopping?

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