DC Throwback: The Evolution of Diva Chronicles

So this post has been in draft mode for a good minute. I had started it as a virtual tour of the blog, but noticed my old layout, and was hit with nostalgia. This was just two years ago and the layout then and now are night and day.  I had just learned how to add tabs to my blog and you couldn't tell me nothin' okay!? I was doing it! lol

I remember wanting my site to be colorful to reflect my personality. I made the banner on Pic Monkey over a weekend (made my current banner with Pic Monkey too). I wanted my tag line to show just how fashion, beauty, and tech overlap. Since then, I have added culture to mix since I am a fiend for cultual knowledge. The site has since been toned down. I like it, but have much bigger plans for its future. I can't wait to do another update on the evolution of Diva Chronicles. 



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