Around the 'Net: My Favorite Buzz Feed Tasty Videos

I love to food! Not just food, but the culture of eating. I enjoy watching food being prepared, enjoying drinks, dessert and fellowship . One of my latest guilty pleasures is watching Buzz Feed's Tasty food videos on Facebook. Apparently I am not alone because thousands of other people watch and comment on their videos as well. They are short and sweet, but are filled with mouth watering recipes. Here are some of my faves that I have on my list to try.

1. Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Creamy Cilantro Sauce

2. Buffalo Fried Calamari with Ranch Dip

3. Sliders 4 Ways

4.  Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Garlic Bread

5. Spaghetti 4 Ways

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