Trend Watch: The 90's Choker Revamped Worn by Some of My Favorite Fashionistas

What goes around comes around sure rings true in the fashion world, doesn't it? However, is it me or does it seem as if trends are returning closer and closer together? I was just wearing wide legged cropped pants  (gauchos back then) in high school ten years ago, not they are back as a hot new trend. Now we have the resurgence of the choker. You know the black plastic intertwined necklace that just about every teen wore in the 90's? Yea, that one. However, some people have added their own spin to it. Check out below some of my favorite fashionistas wear the trend.

1. Ambrosia Malbrough, Ambrosia Malbrough YouTube Channel

2.  Claire Sulmers, Fashion Bomb DailyThe Bomb Life

1  claire sulmers fashion bomb daily hustle tee rayar chain jeans tom ford padlock pumps shoker dior

3. Claire Marshall, Hey Claire YouTube Channel

4. Amra Olevic, Instagram

5. Keke Palmer

6. Zendaya Colemam

7. Rihanna

8. Margaret Zhang, Shine by Three

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