Product Review + PICS: Nail Bliss Press On Nails

Real life has made keeping the momentum of the site a challenge, but I am determined to push through. This post is being published a little later in the day than usual, but better late than never, right? So lets get into it!

While perusing the aisles of Sally Beauty Supply after choosing my new hair color, I spotted this nail kit by Nail Bliss. They are press on nails and promise up to 10 days of wear. I'm a diva on a budget these days as my former nail salon visits had me constantly in my wallet. However, my real nails are not cute. So I keep them polished, use nail wraps or the occasional press on.

The set is a mauve color with silver glitter accent nails. It includes nail glue and a cuticle pusher. I applied the nails on 8/17.  It is the 7th day, so here's the run down:

One nail came off next day, like due to lack of glue as the rest of the nails were really snug. Another nail came off day 3 due to the work that I do. I reapplied both and kept it moving.

The nails came in a square shape but I filed them down and made them more squoval. They were easy to shape and did not pop off while I filed them. Without delay, lets get into my final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Performance: I began losing stray nails on the second day as noted above. Overall, I replaced four nails in a seven day period. They were the nails on my index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers. I work in the fashion industry, so they could have lasted longer if I had a desk job. Hauling and constantly fixing clothes put up a tough fight.
Texture: The nails were smooth to touch, thin, and lightweight. They did not have that feeling of acrylic nails. 
Would I recommend to a friend? I am willing to try another set with a better quality nail glue before recommending to a friend.

P.S. What nail glue do you recommend? I have seen YouTubers apply press on with acrylic, but wanted to find a better glue first.

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