Home Decor Inspiration: What's on My Coffee Table + Styling Ideas

Hello All!

Coffee table styling has become increasingly popular over the past few years. I will admit before I decided to spruce up mine, it consisted of remotes and a few pictures. Overall, it was very  blah. So I decided to bring out some of my books and trinkets and got to work. I'm still unpacking from the move, but this is how I styled my coffee table so far. I also have a few styling tips for you to use when you style your own coffee table.

I keep some magazines with some of my favorite actresses, musicians, models, and dancers of color on my coffee table as inspiration.

Do not sleep on Burlington Coat Factory for home decor items. I got this gold "J" for less than ten bucks about a year ago. 

I found a vintage looking frame to compliment a black and white photo of my great-grandmother, grandfather, my father and his younger brothers. 

I keep a few literary classics on hand. I like how the spines show the age of some of the books.

Fashion and art books are accompanied by Mardi Gras beads and a program from the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes (must see if you're in New York).

Styling Ideas

1. Add Personal Touches:  These can be photos, souvenirs, or art.
2.  Use Varied Height Levels: Showcase items at different heights to make them interesting to look at 
3. Incorporate Your Style: Whether it's color or the lack of, fuse your home decor theme into your coffee table decor.
4. Don't Be Afraid to Switch It Up: As you travel and have new experiences or read new books, add them to the mix.

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