Diva Chronicles Makeup Guide: Product Labels Decoded for Oily Skin Types

Okay girl, you're in the makeup aisle or in Sephora or Ulta, and all you need is a product that will not make you look like you slathered vaseline on your face. Reading product labels is almost like reading another language. You have to dig through the marketing fluff to get to what the product is really supposed to do. Well, I am here to help! Since it is summer and blazing outside, I'm starting with the oily girls. Get ready to take notes!

What to Look For:
Look for products that have the following label claims to help you keep that shine at bay!

1. Matte (sometimes spelled "Mat")
2. Oil Free
3. Oil Blocking
4. Combination/Oily Skin
5. Long Wearing (10 hr, 14 hr, 24 hr wear, etc.)

The top three are your most common indications for a matte finish, meaning your makeup will not set and look oily. They are usually on the front label as that is the main selling point.

NOTE: Just because it is in powder form does not mean it will automatically set matte. I repeat,a powder does not always equal a matte finish. I still recommend you read labels of powders as they can also come in matte, satin, and luminous finishes. 

Here are some products that boast the above claims.

See my makeup looks using this product here and here.

I wore this in my college graduation photos. Can't be more official than that. 

In loose powder or pressed form, this product is my jam. It is an OG and has been raved about by beauty editors at all the big mags for years. Get in on this gem. See a makeup look using this product here.

What to Stay Away From:
Unless your makeup setting game is on point, proceed with caution.

1. Luminous
2. Radiant
3. Satin (Can sometimes work depending how much oil you produce) 
4. For Dry Skin Types (Drier skin needs moisture)
5.  Glow (Though you can add glow where you want it with bronzers and highlighters. As an oily girl, you want to be able to control your glow. Will discuss in later post)

Hope this helps! Happy shopping and Happy Fourth of July!

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