Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fab Cover Stories: Kanye and Kim Kardashian West for Harper's Bazaar, September 2016

The Wests have been named #BAZAARicons for Harper's Bazaar September issue.

Trending Thursday: Denim Boots

It's been a while since I did a Trending Thursday post, but there is one trend (among the many) that has been hard to ignore. That is denim boots. They are everywhere and at different price points. Funny how trends come full circle. I had a pair in high school. Check out the updated versions below.

Kim Kardashian West wearing Yeezy denim thigh high boots (unreleased). 

Halle (left) of signing duo Chloe and Halle in Off White denim patchwork ankle boots.

Rihanaa in her denim chaps she debuted in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. The ankle blinged out version with a design inspired by her hand tattoo is below.

Kloset Envy owner Jai Nice in Off White thigh high patch work denim boots.

Kylie Jenner rocking Tom Ford denim knee high boots.

What do you think? Will you be partaking in the denim boot trend??

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Diva's Career Guide: Do These 10 Things Before, During, and After a Job Interview

Since we're on the topic on job interviews, let's keep the conversation  rolling. The first topic of discussiom was natural interview makeup,  now let's talk about what to do before, during, and after your interview.

1. Natural Hair, To Tame or Not to Tame??

This is a heavy topic. I, being natural, of course don't thing there is anything wrong with kinks.  However, everyone does not agree with me. I would suggest 1. Research company culture to see if there are varying demographics. 2. If you are unsure of the culture wear your hair pulled back or pinned up. There are some exceptions, I have interviewed when I had a TWA and landed the job as well with blonde hair. So I would re-emphasize point 1.

2. Protect Your Collar From Makeup

Obviously this pic is old. Just goes to show how long I've been interviewing.

 I wear light makeup on interviews, but I don't want to walk in the room with makeup on my collar. I put paper towels over them to catch the makeup that otherwise would have been on my button down. Another option is to wear a shell.

3. Invest in At Least Two Suits

 Have a least two good suits you have put in heavy rotation. I say this from experience. I had an interview lined up, but the zipper on my current suit broke. I took it to the cleaners to get repaired, but it wouldn't be completed until after my scheduled interview.  So I had to go out and by a suit. Don't be like me.

4. Arrive On Time

By on time, I mean early. This should go without saying, but it needs to be said. It is better for you to wait on the interviewer than for them to wait on you. They are more than likely screening in the middle of their busy work day, don't make them wait. Account for distance, traffic volume, if you will have to park and walk once you're there, weather, etc. If you're scheduled for a 10 am interview, you should be sitting and waiting to be called back by 9:50 am. If you are running behind, call and alert your point of contact and be prepared to reschedule as a common courtesy.

5.Resume Game On Point

You are often not the only one being scouted for the position, so standing out after you leave is a must. Everyone is in on the secret of using a different color and quality of paper. Get an edge on them by submitting your resume and relating documents in a manilla  folder. Don't just throw them in there. Let the interviewer (s) know you spent some time on these packets. Label them and be sure to inform them of what's inside. If they see it on their desk later, they'll likely think it is work to be completed and won't be so quick to throw it away.

6. Research Interview Styles

Different companies have different interview styles. Some use group interviews as in multiple interviewers or candidates. You may have to do a live performance portion so you can be observed in a real working environment. I have even read where companies even give candidates assignments. You never know, but you do not want to be suprised. Read, with discernment, reviews on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Yahoo, and Yelp to get an idea of what to expect. Then show up and show out!

7. Body Language

Be sure to offer firm handshakes to everyone interviewing you. If you have to walk around the room, do so. Use eye contact and speak with a smile in your voice. You want to convince your interviewer (s) you are excited about this opportunity. Refrain from rolling eyes, crossing your arms, slouching, and fidgeting.

8. Thank Notes

Not emails, but physical notes. You can even find unisex thank you cards from the dollar store. Send the note on the day of the interview to ensure they will receive it at least by the next day. Be sure to include certain things you discussed in your interview to job their memory of you and to also show you weren't just blowing hot air.

Note: If your handwriting is not up to par, have a friend or loved one write what you want to say. Cursive is a lost artform, but cursive writing always looks beautiful inside thank you notes.

9. Don't Harrass People for a Follow Up

Usually if you don't hear word within a week, reach out to your point of contact for a follow up. Don't call every other day and send emails in between. If they were on the fence about you, don't make them dislike you with the incessant communication.

10. Save Sick Days

Yes, there will be a time where you are offered an interview and the only available time is during your work hours. Take it, call out, swerve questions about why you were absent when you return. I'm being really real here. It happens all the time, people just don't talk about it. If you have a solid work ethic and have established accountability at your current job, your boss shouldn't hound you too much if at all.

Let me know if you have any additional interview tips!

Diva's Career Guide, Diva FOTD: Natural Interview Makeup

A few weeks back, I had an interview with a fashion retail company and wanted to share my go-to interview makeup. While you are encouraged to show a bit of your personal style, it is important that first and foremost you are to look and act professionally.  I like to keep my face as natural as possible when interviewing.  Get details and check out my snaps as I got ready below!

The stash! I break down the order I used the products below.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind primer
Ruby Kisses Pure Minerals Concealer
NYX Matt Finish Spray

Iman BB Creme
NYX Matt Finish Spray (before setting with powder)
Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder in Milk Chocolate (not pictured)
NYX Matt Finish Spray
Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette in Medium to Dark

The Balm Matte Dude Friendly (matte brown shadow used on brows)
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Graphic Eyeliner
Covergirl Flamed Up Mega Curl  Mascara in Very Black Blaze

Mary Kay Blush Gold Canyon
MAC Lippie in Touch (worn in first photo)

P.S. I got the job!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Entertainment News: Love Jones is Hitting Theaters as a Musical to Celebrate It's 20th Anniversary and VH1 is Honoring the Queens of Hip Hop

Who didn't love Love Jones as a kid growing up? Darius and Nina are amongst our favorite black fictional couples for many in the black community. The movie has been adapted into a musical featuring some of the biggest artists in rhythm and blues and hip hop such as Chrisette Michele, Marsha Ambrosius, and MC Lyte. Keep an eye out this fall to catch it in theaters.

Image Credit: VH1

Speaking of music, VH1 is honoring the women  queens that changed the game in hip hop with their Hip Hop Honors Awards show.  The honorees are Salt n Pepa, Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, Queen Latifah, and Lil' Kim. It will be hosted by fellow rapper, Eve. The show airs  tonight on VH1 at 9pm central time.

Diva Cover Stories: Kim Kardashian West for Forbes Magazine, July 2016

"If you work hard, you can break barriers."

                         -Kim Kardashian West

Lover her, hate her, or indifferent, Kim Kardashian stays busy; and seen. Mrs. West graced the cover of Forbes where the mag dished that she has made $45 million off of her mobile game.  

Image Credit: Forbes

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Small Business Spotlight: Ms. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe

Yesterday, I received the perfect prelude to my Fourth of July festivities: cookies! These are not just any cookies, but a handmade assortment of spherical deliciousness made by my best friend, Jessica Wells, owner of Ms. Stugie's (pronounced  "stoogy") Cookie Shoppe. 

Allow me to give you a little backstory. Always equipped with a flair for culinary confections, Jessica would bake an assortment of cookies and other pastries every year for close friends and family. I have been nudging her to sell her baked goods for years. This venture started in high school and recently she decided to turn it into a business!

Funny how the first unboxing I did on my Snapchat (@divachronicles) was of food and not anything beauty or fashion related lol. My box of goodies came with two order forms, three business cards, a brochure with a menu, contact info, and social media handles.

Okay, let's get to why you're really here. I received The Classic (chocolate chip), Everything Nice (snicker doodle) The Sugar Mama (sugar) , and Strawberry Milkshake cookies in my box. 

A listing of more cookie varieties.

The cookies are so soft, gooey, and delicious. I just had to give the rest to my family because it not I would have eaten the entire box! 

If you want to learn more about Ms. Stugie's Cookie Shoppe and how you can support this business, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram, and Twitter

Friday, July 1, 2016

Diva's Makeup Guide: Product Labels Decoded for Oily Skin Types

Okay girl, you're in the makeup aisle or in Sephora or Ulta, and all you need is a product that will not make you look like you slathered vaseline on your face. Reading product labels is almost like reading another language. You have to dig through the marketing fluff to get to what the product is really supposed to do. Well, I am here to help! Since it is summer and blazing outside, I'm starting with the oily girls. Get ready to take notes!

What to Look For:
Look for products that have the following label claims to help you keep that shine at bay!

1. Matte (sometimes spelled "Mat")
2. Oil Free
3. Oil Blocking
4. Combination/Oily Skin
5. Long Wearing (10 hr, 14 hr, 24 hr wear, etc.)

The top three are your most common indications for a matte finish, meaning your makeup will not set and look oily. They are usually on the front label as that is the main selling point.

NOTE: Just because it is in powder form does not mean it will automatically set matte. I repeat,a powder does not always equal a matte finish. I still recommend you read labels of powders as they can also come in matte, satin, and luminous finishes. 

Here are some products that boast the above claims.

See my makeup looks using this product here and here.

I wore this in my college graduation photos. Can't be more official than that. 

In loose powder or pressed form, this product is my jam. It is an OG and has been raved about by beauty editors at all the big mags for years. Get in on this gem. See a makeup look using this product here.

What to Stay Away From:
Unless your makeup setting game is on point, proceed with caution.

1. Luminous
2. Radiant
3. Satin (Can sometimes work depending how much oil you produce) 
4. For Dry Skin Types (Drier skin needs moisture)
5.  Glow (Though you can add glow where you want it with bronzers and highlighters. As an oily girl, you want to be able to control your glow. Will discuss in later post)

Hope this helps! Happy shopping and Happy Fourth of July!


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