Diva's Life: I Am Going Home

My posts have been sporadic as of late and it is because I decided to shake things up in my personal life a bit. Read below to find out what has been going on in the past few months.

Whew! The first half of the year has been a world wind. Between school, work, the blog, and your usual adulting, I have been quite stressed. It was the middle of semester two of graduate school when I realized the program is not meeting my expectations. Yes, you read that right. People forget that yes, you have to convince the admissions officers that you are a good fit for the school, but the institution also has to do the same. While I learned a lot, I am in search of another educational path. Then there was the J-O-B. It left me unfulfilled, stressed, sick, angry, sad, and the list goes on. The industry I am working in is just not my steeze. I had been there for a little over two years and have been wanting "out" since about month six. Sad. When you have bills to pay, you tend to stay and wish for something better. As the bible verse says, faith without works is dead. So I meditated, prayed, silenced my thoughts, and listened to God, and He told me "Go" so I did. I told my family and friends I was coming home this summer I made the decision not to renew my lease and move home to "recalibrate my life" as I told my mom a few months before I actually put my two weeks notice in. Friday, June 3, 2016, is when I actually handed my boss my resignation and feel relieved  I can not openly talk about my plans.

These actions are so far away from my typical M.O. I have no job lined up, but have a brand new apartment attached to my name back in my hometown. Crazy, right?! This is where my faith walk comes in. I will admit, even after I made my decision, I still had my doubts. "Did God tell me to do this, or was this my decision?" I would ask myself. I had several interviews since I made my mind up to move home, but no offer letters.  I shared my worries with my mother and she got me straight.

"You can't think like that. You made the decision, and you can't go back now. You can't take risks sitting still. We will work it out. Sometimes you take risks and they don't work out. You just have to turn your lemons into lemonade."

So there you have it. I am going home, and of course, I will keep you updated on my endeavors. I am low key excited as I have not really lived at home since before I graduated high school. I was home for a few months after graduating college before high-tailing it to Atlanta. So ten years later I am returning. I don't know for how long or what is the next step afterward.  I will enjoy my family, and friends, see the little ones grow up and all the events you take for granted when you're living at home. The recitals, cook outs, game nights, etc. 

I am coming home.

P.S.  I have been toying with the idea of an online boutique that showcases not only my own handmade goods, but others as well. Also, I have plenty of ideas of how I want to revamp Diva Chronicles but just haven't had the time. So just stay tuned to this space to see what I come up with. Entrepreneurship has always been my end goal, it may come sooner than later.

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