Diva's Life, Beauty Discussion: The Summer of Color Pt. I

I have always toyed with going blonde, but never actually went through with it. I knew I wanted to go short again for my birthday, but choosing the right shade of blonde was a process let me tell you! There are yellow, white, red, and brown based blondes. Which one to choose?! I finally settled on one from Clairol. Get details below.

I have never been one to dye my hair often. I dyed it burgundy last fall to get used to seeing myself with colored hair.

Me with burgundy hair.

The Process

I went to my local barber for my cut and shape up. Yes, everyone was looking at me as if I was getting over a bad break up (why do people assume that?). I had received the WTF stares before, nothing new :). 

Funny SN: My boss even asked me if I were okay when I returned to work with my new hair. "Yes, I'm just fine," I said lol.

The bleaching process.

Disclaimer: I suggest you seek professional services for dye jobs such as this. While I did not and loved the results, the risk is on you for not getting it done professionally.

Dye applied to wet hair per instructions.

I chose a Clairol dye from their Jazzing line called Creme Soda.

I got my hair dyed in April and got a touch up about a month later. The second time around, I received the results I wanted with the initial application. We left the both the bleach and the dye on a tad bit longer to get even color throughout my hair. See below.

And there you have it! As far as maintenance goes, I still have the normal hair shedding. I wash my hair as I did before with black soap and follow with a cream leave in conditioner overnight. I may put some oil on my hair as needed, but that it is. It does not feel brittle or dry. Actually, my hair feels and behaves the same as it did when it was black. I never over manipulated my hair anyway so that may have something to do with it.

Stay tuned for Part II as I plan to go a darker as we get closer to fall!

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