Product Review + PICS: Kiss Press On Nails

True Life: I'm In Nail Salon Rehab

From November 2015 to February 2016, my nails have not seen the light of day. After my New Orleans, trip I took them off and they were so thin and sensitive. I decided to let them breathe and have been failing at doing my own nails. I'm just too fidgety. Enter these colorful Kiss press on nails.

My recent self polish attempt lasted all of two or three days. On a random Walgreens trip, I picked these up hoping to cover up my beat up nails.

The price of the nails were $6.99. The glue got messy and took of some of the coatings on a couple of the nails. I added glitter to hide it, then to the rest of the nails for uniformity. 

Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear Strobe Light and Finger Paints' polish in Oh My Gauche were the polishes I used.  

Final Thoughts

Performance: It is Day 2 (04/08/2016), and none of the nails are on my nails. I used the glue that came with the kit for review purpose and it did not hold up. I had to replace two nails immediately after applying the full set. I also reapplied two today. With the glue caking up on my nails and the false ones, I just popped them all off. I couldn't deal.
Texture: The nails were smooth to touch, thin, and lightweight. They did not have that feeling of acrylic nails but instead are made of plastic.  Several of the nails developed cracks after application and wear. 

Would I recommend to a friend? I am willing to try another set with a better quality nail glue before recommending to a friend.

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