Diva's Guide to Blogging: Building Your Team with Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

One of my favorite bloggers that I use for inspiration is Claire Sulmers, most notably of Fashion Bomb Daily, but as of late, Cocktails with Claire, and her personal site, The Bomb Life. The latter is where she answers a host of Ask Claire questions from her readers. A while back I took a shot at it and asked:

“As a blogger who is still working a 9-5, I see why many bloggers have extra writers. It’s a lot to do on your own. My blog is growing and I need help keeping the content rolling in. Now that Fashion Bomb Daily is a well-oiled machine with a staff, my question is how did you prepare to bring in the extra help? For example, were there budgets, contracts, etc"

You see blogging is a job itself. Since my question, I have added grad school to my plate (which explains why the posts have been sporadic the last week or two because, finals) which hasn't made my blogging schedule easier. I need help! She dropped some gems and I was here to catch them all. Here is a snippet of some of Claire's advice.

"We typically take on interns, who receive a stipend for 3 months work, then we bring them on to the team. We draw up independent contractor contracts, have weekly meetings, and a schedule."

"Fashion Bomb Daily wouldn’t be anything without our team. With the proliferation of red carpet events and celeb style moments, it would either be impossible or crazy to do everything alone."

Read the rest on Claire's personal site, The Bomb Life.

Thanks for the advice Claire!
Big thanks to Claire for answering my question. Now drafting contracts, building a budget, and most importantly finding dedicated talent are on my to-do list!

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