The Latest in Tech: New App Makes the Tech Job Hunt Unbiased

The tech field is booming, and the face of that industry is also changing. Still heavily associated with the caucasian male demographic, the tech job market is seeing more women, especially women of color entering the field. That does not mean that the hiring process is easy for  them. Enter Stephanie Lampkin, an African American woman, who got tired of being looked over for jobs she was more than qualified for, and she strongly felt it was due to her looks.


Armed with an engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from MIT, both prestigious institutions, Lampkin decided to take on the coveted Silicon Valley in search of a job in tech. She kept getting turned away  for not having enough  technical experience. This is in spite of Stephanie being able to code since the age of 13 and tackled computer programming at 15. One interviewer even suggested she enter sales or marketing. 

She was moved to create the Blendoor app. This app allows potential job prospects to simply upload their resumes without adding a photo or a name to avoid possible discrimination. Blendoor aims to "facilitate job matching based on merit, not molds". The app is equipped with portals for applicants and recruiters.

Many people turn a blind eye to corporate discrimination, but it definitely exists. Blendoor is set to launch is less than 24 hours. If you are looking for a job in the technical field, sign up with your email address.

Learn More: Blendoor

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