Thursday, March 31, 2016

Diva Cover Stories: Beyonce for Elle Magazine, May 2016 Sporting New Athleisure Line Ivy Park

Bey had the 'net in a tizzy for that past 24 hours as  pictures randomly surfaces on Elle Magazine's Instagram counting down to something big. I figured a cover was part of it, what we didn't see coming (at least not yet) was Beyonce's athleisure (yes, that is a word now) line Ivy Park. The rumor mill has been spinning about a collab with one of her faves Top Shop. This could be it. Check the pics out below.

P.S.  Above covers are for Elle USA and UK!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Natural Remedies:4 Ways to Combat Allergies Without Meds

Walking around with tissue glued to your hand and doped up on allergy meds is not cute. However, many of us suffer from allergies. Living in the south where it literally rains pollen can be detrimental to your sinuses. Trust me. I know. In the past year, I've been trying to deprogram my past mode of thinking where I thought a pill could fix everything. Now, I haven't dismissed modern meds all together, but I am less dependent on them. Enter some quick and easy allergy remedies.

1. Nette Pot

Image result for neti pot 

Very similar in shape to a tea kettle, nette pots are used to clean your nose of mucous build up so you can breathe easier. This ancient Hindu practice of nasal irrigation works by you first blowing your nose, then tilting your head, and pouring lukewarm saline water into your nose. Your mouth must be open so you can breathe. The water fills your sinus cavity then flushes our everything. My nette pot looked like the one above, but they have been given a modern design over the years.  Below is an older, yet informative video on the use and benefits of the nette pot.

You can find them in the pharmacy aisle at your local store or any natural health and wellness shop.

2. Saline Spray

If pouring a stream of salt water into your nose isn't your thing, simply try a saline spray. Notice the common denominator is saline. It is great at breaking down that thick mucous build up. Use as directed. This product can also be found in the pharmacy aisle at your local store.

3. Hot Steam with Essential Oils

Image result for facial steam

Boiling water with a few drops of peppermint, eucalyptus, or any other mint oils can break down that build up and leave you breathing easier. You also get a facial too, so it is  two for one!

4. Use Local Honey

Image result for natural honey

There is a running theory that incorporating local honey into your diet can build up your immune system and mitigate your allergy symptoms. While pollen also comes from trees, grass, and weeds, when you are desperate you will try anything.  Most local honey brands are in the natural section of your local supermarket, Be sure to read the label.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Diva's Career Guide: Myleik Teele's Advice on Why You're Not Getting the Job

If you are not familiar with Myleik Teele, the create of THE Curl Box. She was one of the firsts to start subscription services for hair and beauty products. She also hosts her own podcast on her website, My Taught You, where she covers everything in love, school, business, etc. In her most recent podcast, Why You're Not Getting the Job, she is giving tons of great tips on how you can better your resume and presentation to land that dream job. Many of her points I have heard already, but some I haven't so I am all ears. Listen to her this particular podcast as well as the rest here.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Latest in Tech: New App Makes the Tech Job Hunt Unbiased

The tech field is booming, and the face of that industry is also changing. Still heavily associated with the caucasian male demographic, the tech job market is seeing more women, especially women of color entering the field. That does not mean that the hiring process is easy for  them. Enter Stephanie Lampkin, an African American woman, who got tired of being looked over for jobs she was more than qualified for, and she strongly felt it was due to her looks.


Armed with an engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from MIT, both prestigious institutions, Lampkin decided to take on the coveted Silicon Valley in search of a job in tech. She kept getting turned away  for not having enough  technical experience. This is in spite of Stephanie being able to code since the age of 13 and tackled computer programming at 15. One interviewer even suggested she enter sales or marketing. 

She was moved to create the Blendoor app. This app allows potential job prospects to simply upload their resumes without adding a photo or a name to avoid possible discrimination. Blendoor aims to "facilitate job matching based on merit, not molds". The app is equipped with portals for applicants and recruiters.

Many people turn a blind eye to corporate discrimination, but it definitely exists. Blendoor is set to launch is less than 24 hours. If you are looking for a job in the technical field, sign up with your email address.

Learn More: Blendoor


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