Hair Discussion: 4 Ways I Styled My Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are a popular protective style worn amongst African American women. They reduce the time needed to get ready while offering versatility with styling options. I had some installed in my hair before my trip to New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras because I knew I would be spending more time enjoying the scene than getting ready. Here are a few ways I styled my twists.

High Bun

On travel day/day 1 in New Orleans, I wore my twists in a high bun. Mainly because of the style of my sweater  and also it allowed my to sleep better on the car ride down because they were off my neck and didn't interfere with my neck pillow as I slept. 

Low Double Strand Twist Fishtail Bun

This specific hairstyle wasn't done by me, but my friend DaMonique who went to New Orleans with me. We were going to a birthday brunch for our friend, and I wanted a dressier hairdo. I prepped my hair by double-strand twisting the twists themselves. This gave the hair a little more texture and visual interest. I was inspired by a pic of Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily who wore her locs in a similar fashion. I loved how it turned out. The inspiration photo is below.

Top Middle Knot

My girl Antoinette  ( who I've convinced to be a food contributor for the blog, keep your eyes peeled for her posts) did her thing with parting my hair for the twists.
 You can't really tell, but they are all triangles, which added more interest to my protective style. This made it easy for me to wear a top middle knot.

Mohawk Buns

I thought of this style while I was racing the clock getting my assignments in this past Sunday. No inspiration, just creativity. I loved how they turned out. It was very easy to execute as well.

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