Diva Hauls: Simple Micellar Water, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Night Renewal Cream, and Skin Therapy Cleansing OIl

I no longer have my 18-year-old skin. The eat and drink what you want, use any body lotion on your face,  skip face wash days, type of skin. I have the what you eat and drink, skip the cleanser and moisturizer, and your face will tell on you type of skin. My face has become noticeably dryer, even though I am still oily. The winter has been beating up my skin. My regular cleansing, tone, then moisturize routine wasn't cutting it. I needed more moisture. Enter the product above.

I bought Simple's Micellar Water because it is a lightweight cleanser and I intend to use it on the day where I just need to "wash the day away." I got the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil for a deeper clean on the days I wear makeup. I will follow up with the Skin Therapy Oil, and at night add more moisture with the Night Renewal Cream.

I used the micellar water followed by the skin oil and night cream last night. I woke up and noticed just how much more supple by skin felt from the added moisture. I will be using these products for the next month or so and can't wait to update you guys on the outcome!

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