Television Show Review: Zoe Ever After Television Premier

BET is returning to the scripted television we grew up on. With their drama, Being Mary Jane being such a hit, they are introducing a more light hearted comedy in Zoe Ever After that premiered January 5, 2016. This is not Brandy's first acting gig, but this is the first show in about 15 years where she is the leading star. Her last leading role in a television show was in one of my faves, Moesha. Check out my thoughts of the pilot episode below.

Image Credit: BET

It's complicated being the ex of one of the greatest boxers to ever do it, but the newly single mom Zoe Moon is ready to get back into the ring of life and do things on her own terms. 

Pursuing her dream of starting a well-known cosmetics company, Zoe's finally able to get out of her famous husband's boxing shadow, proving to her 8-year-old son, Xavier, that anything is possible. 

Welcome to Zoe's beautifully complicated world! Only on BET!

My Thoughts:

I was intrigued by this show because Zoe is an entrepreneur and owns her own budding cosmetics company (my dream as well). However, I sensed a disconnect with Brandy and the character Zoe. Maybe she is trying to make to her too different from her past characters and her own personality. Frankly, I've seen better acting from Brandy. Also the "best friend that works for me" is giving me Joan and Maya from Girlfriends vibes. Maybe her best friend could have been her business partner instead?

Image Credit: BET

Then there is Zoe's personal life. She is co-parenting her son Xavier with a famous boxer, Gemini, who does not fail to remind her where her money came from to start her business. Their relationship seemed predictable. The meatiest scene was the last when she gave Gemini the business and signed those papers. However, my heart sank as well as Zoe's when her son witnessed the entire ordeal. He's confused and upset and Zoe does her best to comfort him.

It'll be interesting to see how this show tackles divorce, co-parenting, and success in the black community. I will be tuning in next week to see what more is to come from Zoe Ever After.

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