Entertainment News: Cold Play's New Video Hymn for the Weekend Featuring Beyonce is Released and Ignites Cultural Appropriation Debate

Cold Play's new single, Hymn for the Weekend, off of their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams has many people talking. One: Beyonce is featured in the video, and Beyonce does not do many features. Two: There is a cultural appropriation debate that sparked due to the songstress portraying a Bollywood star. The question I have is it still cultural appropriation if the director, Ben Mor, who is Indian, specifically asked Beyonce to fill the role? I mean, who knows more about a culture than someone who was born into it? 

The video was shot on location in India and, in my opinion, captured the country and culture beautifully. Read the director's vision for the video here.

The images that sparked the debate


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