Diva's Life: Graduate School and Dealing with Self Doubt

Okay, I am in my second semester of graduate school, and when I tell you I feel like a fish out of water all.the.time! I love a good challenge, but this one has me hating it more than loving it. Mainly because of self doubt. I overthink assignments. I start then stop, send screenshots to friends and family of their interpretations of the assignment, just to start all over again. I work on projects up until the midnight deadline only to feel like the only one submitting work so late. Like I know my professors are secretly judging me. I literally get anxiety as my assignment deadline approaches because I think to myself, "Did I do it right?" Speaking of which, Sunday, today, is that day and you bet I'm frazzled. The anxiety will return again when that little notification bubble pops up over the Grades tab in my student account in about a day or two.

 I know I contemplate my decision on starting  grad school at least twice a week. Some people in my inner circle have told me they don't know why I get worked up because I'm making good grades. This is true. I was a mess all last week only to find out I made four A's. 

My challenge to myself in 2016 is to differentiate when I'm over complicating a situation versus just working hard.

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