Saturday, January 30, 2016

Entertainment News: Cold Play's New Video Hymn for the Weekend Featuring Beyonce is Released and Ignites Cultural Appropriation Debate

Cold Play's new single, Hymn for the Weekend, off of their seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams has many people talking. One: Beyonce is featured in the video, and Beyonce does not do many features. Two: There is a cultural appropriation debate that sparked due to the songstress portraying a Bollywood star. The question I have is it still cultural appropriation if the director, Ben Mor, who is Indian, specifically asked Beyonce to fill the role? I mean, who knows more about a culture than someone who was born into it? 

The video was shot on location in India and, in my opinion, captured the country and culture beautifully. Read the director's vision for the video here.

The images that sparked the debate


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diva's Life: Graduate School and Dealing with Self Doubt

Okay, I am in my second semester of graduate school, and when I tell you I feel like a fish out of water all.the.time! I love a good challenge, but this one has me hating it more than loving it. Mainly because of self doubt. I overthink assignments. I start then stop, send screenshots to friends and family of their interpretations of the assignment, just to start all over again. I work on projects up until the midnight deadline only to feel like the only one submitting work so late. Like I know my professors are secretly judging me. I literally get anxiety as my assignment deadline approaches because I think to myself, "Did I do it right?" Speaking of which, Sunday, today, is that day and you bet I'm frazzled. The anxiety will return again when that little notification bubble pops up over the Grades tab in my student account in about a day or two.

 I know I contemplate my decision on starting  grad school at least twice a week. Some people in my inner circle have told me they don't know why I get worked up because I'm making good grades. This is true. I was a mess all last week only to find out I made four A's. 

My challenge to myself in 2016 is to differentiate when I'm over complicating a situation versus just working hard.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Diva Info: 6 Questions to Ask in Every Job Interview by The Every Girl

We all are working towards our dream job, right? Whether it is for a Fortune 500 company, an innovative start up, or branching out on your own. At some point you have and will be interviewed. Here are six questions curated one of my favorite new blogs to hit my radar, The Every Girl.

1. What does a typical day look like in this position?

You already have a basic gist of what this position entails after reading the job description (at least you should). But, it’s important to remember that the formal description really only tells you so much. Often, those paragraphs are recycled year after year, without ever being updated to reflect staff changes, shifting responsibilities, technology updates, and other factors.
So, asking your interviewer what sorts of tasks you can expect to complete on a daily basis is definitely recommended in order to get the insider scoop. It’ll give you some greater insight into the actual responsibilities of the position, as well as an idea of how the company, the department, and its team members' general functions.

2. Who would I be directly working with?

Chances are you already know whom you’d be directly reporting to—he or she is more than likely in the interview room with you. But, since your relationships with your co-workers can have a pretty big impact on your life, you might want to know more than just the person you’d be workingfor. You want to know about the team members you’d be working with.
This is your opportunity to find out more about where this role fits into the big picture. Does the position require you to communicate and liaise between numerous departments? Or, would you just be operating with your specific team in order to get things done?
You can also use this prompt as your launch pad for several follow up questions: How big is the team currently? Is it growing rapidly? What are some of the other employees’ backgrounds?
Use this opportunity to find out more about the organization’s existing staff. It’ll show you how all of the company’s puzzle pieces fit together—and help you determine if you’d be a good fit.

3. What is the most important skill the person in this position needs to be successful?

Let’s face it—most job descriptions describe unicorns. Sure, the employer may be looking for a candidate who is a Photoshop whiz and a creative writer who can also juggle while doing a handstand.
So, instead of obsessing over what traits and skills you don’t have, zero in on what the interviewer thinks is the most crucial thing you’ll need in order to do well in that position.But, their chances of actually finding that? They’re slim to none—and they already know that.
Asking this helps you cut through all of the clutter of the job description, and also determine how well you could actually fulfill the duties of this role. After all, if they’re ultimately seeking someone bilingual and you can hardly remember the alphabet from your high school Spanish class, this might not be the job for you.

Read the rest of the tips on The Every Girl's website.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Diva Cover Stories: Yara Shahidi, Teyonnah Parris, and Johnetta Elzie for Essence Magazine, February 2016

Excuse me while I relish in this Black Girl Magic moment. Hats off to Essence for getting some fresh faces on their covers and hand claps for the brighter covers in general.  For years bronzes, golds, blues and black were used as back drops because I guess it was the sign of the times. They look much more youthful and fresh. Just like this next generation of new comers. Check out the covers below.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Entertainment News: Kanye West Releases New Music

Kanye West surprised us all when he released new singles off his upcoming album, Swish, rumored to be released February 11, 2016, the start of Fashion Week.  They are titled Real Friends featuring Ty Dolla $ign and a snippet of No More Parties in LA featuring Kendrick Lamar. I've given myself time to listen to the singles, and I think he's giving us old Ye with, and I'm excited. My inner circle of friends know how I feel about Kanye. He went a little left on me and I was struggling to keep up, but II still had faith.

Listen for yourself at Kanye West's website.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Television Show Review: Zoe Ever After Television Premier

BET is returning to the scripted television we grew up on. With their drama, Being Mary Jane being such a hit, they are introducing a more light hearted comedy in Zoe Ever After that premiered January 5, 2016. This is not Brandy's first acting gig, but this is the first show in about 15 years where she is the leading star. Her last leading role in a television show was in one of my faves, Moesha. Check out my thoughts of the pilot episode below.

Image Credit: BET

It's complicated being the ex of one of the greatest boxers to ever do it, but the newly single mom Zoe Moon is ready to get back into the ring of life and do things on her own terms. 

Pursuing her dream of starting a well-known cosmetics company, Zoe's finally able to get out of her famous husband's boxing shadow, proving to her 8-year-old son, Xavier, that anything is possible. 

Welcome to Zoe's beautifully complicated world! Only on BET!

My Thoughts:

I was intrigued by this show because Zoe is an entrepreneur and owns her own budding cosmetics company (my dream as well). However, I sensed a disconnect with Brandy and the character Zoe. Maybe she is trying to make to her too different from her past characters and her own personality. Frankly, I've seen better acting from Brandy. Also the "best friend that works for me" is giving me Joan and Maya from Girlfriends vibes. Maybe her best friend could have been her business partner instead?

Image Credit: BET

Then there is Zoe's personal life. She is co-parenting her son Xavier with a famous boxer, Gemini, who does not fail to remind her where her money came from to start her business. Their relationship seemed predictable. The meatiest scene was the last when she gave Gemini the business and signed those papers. However, my heart sank as well as Zoe's when her son witnessed the entire ordeal. He's confused and upset and Zoe does her best to comfort him.

It'll be interesting to see how this show tackles divorce, co-parenting, and success in the black community. I will be tuning in next week to see what more is to come from Zoe Ever After.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Diva Cover Stories: Janelle Monae for Covergirl's Oh Sugar! Campaign

Oh Sugar! are Covergirl's new tinted lip balms that boast ingredients such as avocado and grapeseed oils. They are topped off with a citrus scent.

Sources: Janelle Monae's Instagram and Covergirl's Instagram

Monday, January 4, 2016

Restaurant Review: Mary Mac's Tea Room

This past Saturday, a couple of friends and I made our way to Mary Mac's Tea Room for lunch. This place has been our list to try for some time now. They have been in business since 1945 and are known for their southern food. Check out what we ordered and my experience below.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Diva Chronicles Year in Review: 5 Best Moments of 2015 and What's Next for 2016

Hello 2016!! Last year surely flew by didn't it? This has been a great year for Diva Chronicles. Little by little the DC brand is getting  noticed. You have to tell people about your goals. Once it's in the universe, genuine people will look out for you. My biggest opportunities resulted in referrals by others. I am so grateful.

In my personal life, I also started graduate school, which made keeping a blog schedule more challenging.  I think I did pretty good. Now that I know better, I can do better. I need to be more proactive in scheduling job, school, work, and other side hustles in the new year. I dropped the ball this year with Diva's Holiday Gift Guide, because I didn't plan it out like I should have. That was one low, but take a look at some of the highs of this past year.

1.  My first article was featured on Necole Kane's new website, XO Necole.

Obviously I love to write, but writing for another site was a new and completely different experience. I had never worked with an editor before. No I know what to expect and how to come correct when I pitch my articles to other sites. 

So many of you are like me and love a great comfy pair of leggings. This is ones of my highest read posts of 2015. Click the link if you haven't read it or for a refresher. 


This is my most popular FOTD look.  One of the items on my to-do list is to upload more makeup looks.

4. This article I wrote on Black | Up's vague beginnings was very intriguing. The company is still tight lipped about the original founder. 

Fabrice Mahabo, the Original Creator of Black|Up Cosmetics

5. Christmas in New York

My father, extended family, and close family friends reside in New York. I have been to New York, but not at Christmas time. I had a blast. Definitely more frequent trips in the future.

I can't wait to take this blog to the next level in 2016! Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Now let's put our gear on to conquer 2016!



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