Girl Talk: I Received My First Vajacial and Here's Why You Should Get One Too

At the beginning of November, I was connected to the lovely Kimberly Grimes, owner of Vava Voom, an esthetics  studio specializing in intimate care. She was having a press week for members of the local media to experience her services to promote her business. A friend tagged me in her Instagram post, and since I had never been to any place like this I sent my info over.  After browsing the site, I opted for the vajacial because it "targets irritating ingrowns, below-the-belt blackheads and hyperpigmentation" and scheduled my appointment. Services include full facial and body waxing, body art such as intimate hair tinting, flesh care such as Vajacials, and V-Tox steams or hip baths.


On the day of my appointment, I arrived to the studio which is in a shared space, so I waited upstairs while Kimberly finished with the client that was before me. While I waited, I had plenty of time to think of my nervousness. I never had been waxed before because I do my feminine maintenance at home. I even "Naired" beforehand because I wasn't going to have anyone talking about me in their head. No, honey!  Now I volunteered myself to spread my legs wide open for a complete stranger. What was I getting myself into?! 

When it my turn, I was given the privacy to partially disrobe and get comfortable on the table. Vava Voom is an intimate one room studio adorned with work from local artists on the wall. Then soft music playing the background helped calm me down. Kimberly made me feel really at ease, especially since I had never received such a service before. It was like chatting with one of my girlfriends while I was given hot towel and exfoliating treatments. 

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While removing my ingrown hairs ( and being so unphased by it), she explained the common misconceptions many women have when it comes to their vagina. What we think are ingrown hairs are simply congested pores (I had some of those as well) due to dead skin build up or irritation of the bikini line to our panties constantly rubbing against our skin, especially panties with a lot of dyes. Simply put, it's vaginal acne. I have what I like to call  thick girl thigh rub, so keeping the inside of my thighs constantly smooth has always been a challenge. She exfoliated my inner thighs with  gentle, professional grade products and finished with antibacterial oils. After my vajacial my skin felt silky smooth and I was given a bottle of V Serum, which is like a mild peel to keep pores from getting congested resulting in vaginal acne. I was to apply it to my thighs and intimate area twice a day, and put on a "no panty plan" to help my skin irritation. I was advised to wear pure cotton panties and to stay away from the ones with dyes as much as possible. She also told me to give my skin time to breathe by not wearing any at all. I have been using the V Serum  regularly and it has kept my skin smooth and helped with hyperpigmentation. The no panty plan has also helped with my bikini line irritation as well.

I highly recommend the services Kimberly offers at Vava Voom. Many women talk freely about facials, massages, manis, pedis, and other spa treatments they receive, but don't talk openly about issues with their skin in their vaginal area and how they are treating them. If we take conversations beyond our close group of friends, I think we will find out most of our confusion and worries will be alleviated. I like that Vava Voom is in the position to offer such services to both men and women who want to take their intimate care a few steps further.

I want to thank Ms. Kimberly Grimes for her services and introducing me to the Vava Voom. I definitely will be back and will likely have company as I have told all of my friends! 

If you are interested in any of the services offered by Vava Voom, use the contact information below. She is moving into a new space in the new year so check her website for updates.

Kimberly Grimes Vava Voom (Currently on the backside of Hotel Roxy Lofts)
768 Marietta Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

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