Entertainment News: Jennifer Lopez 2015 American Music Awards Opening Performance

In what is being called one of the best award show openers in music history, Jennifer Lopez is on the tips of everyone's tongues and fingers as they are still talking and typing about her recent performance opening up the 2015 American Music Awards. While I did not catch the actual televised performance, I did catch up on line, and it was exactly what I expected from J.LO. She opened in a slower rendition of her hit Waiting for Tonight that showcased her vocals. Something tells me she did this because she wants people to know she is a singer first THEN a dancer and actress. #JMO. She is not particularly known for her vocals, but this performance was all voice. Then she got to the dancing. Her and her background dancer performed to hit tracks nominated for AMAs while wearing tribal inspired body stockings. Her sequinned jumpsuit and fur coat were by DSQAURED2 (Fashion Bomb Daily). Check out the pics and full performance below.

Image Credit: Huffington PostGetty

Watch the full performance here

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