Girl Talk: Why I Switched to Gel Deodorant

For years, I would get painful knots under my arms with no explanation.  They would be right where my bra rubbed against my skin so I thought it was just irritation.  Then while I'll have a knot, I'd  switch to lower cut bras or sports bras in hope it would eventually go away. Nope. After some research, I found out the culprit may be my deodorant, not my bras.

Enter gel deodorant!  The  white deodorants clogged my pores and left me with painful abscesses. I did not have this problem growing up, but our body changes as we get older. I now use either Almay or Dry Idea gel deodorant.  They are much milder for my skin and no abscesses for me! I have tried Toms of Maine, but it does not fight odor well enough for me. 

If you have the same problem I had with more questions than answers, try switching your deodorant.  Let me know how it goes!

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