Beauty Discussion: 7 Tips For Wearing Makeup with Eyeglasses

I love makeup. I also wear glasses. How do I choose makeup that won't disappear behind my specs? Some suggest contacts. Been there, done that, and my vision was worsening the longer I wore them. I've been in glasses since I was a pint sized diva, so I decided to embrace my lenses because they weren't going anywhere. Check out my tips for wearing makeup with eyeglasses.

Tip 1:
Choose colors that pop against your skin and from behind your frames. See the pop of gold? 

Tip 2:
I also make sure my eyebrows are groomed since they frame my face and my glasses. Even if I'm not wearing a full face, my brows stay  groomed.

Tip 3:
I sometimes choose a transition color that will peek above the top of my frames.

Also check how these ladies where glasses and makeup.

Black Woman Glasses

Tip 4:
Wait until mascara is completely dry you put your glasses back on.  If not, you run the risk if getting it on your lenses, especially if you have naturally long lashes.

Tip 5:

Winged eyeliner.

Tip 6:
Compliment the color of your frames with a bold lip color.

Tip 7:
Try bold eyeliner and/or eyeshadows.

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