Diva's Life: The Tale of a Girl and Her Love of Handbags

This story was going to be just an Instagram post. I stopped because that was going to be a long post, I might as well make it a  blog post. It was all inspired by the photo of the handbag above. I brought  her home with me today. She is the Westerling satchel from  in forest green from Aldo. I've been searching for a new fall/winter bag. I said I wanted a pop of color such as wine or dark green. I ended up chosing green because wine is popular, especially this season,  which means it is everywhere. Green is popular this fall too, but this forest green color is only sprinkled in from what I've seen so far.

Shout out to Hasaan and the other gentlemen  (didn't get his name) in Cumberland Mall who entertainment my indecisiveness . At one point I had three handbags in my hands while I was looking at another. Hasaan walked up to me and said "You need to use process of elimination." before he walked to help other customers. Lol. I wanted to make sure I made the right decision, because I was going to be carrying this bag for a long time and it needed to stand up to my life.

You see I was always a handbag girl. In middle and high school, I had purses to go with just about every color in my closet. My outfits in high school were carefully thought out, just as my mom because she was my sounding board. This is how I got the nickname "Diva" amongst those who were close to me. I was the fashion diva! However,  the quality was not always there. I was all about quantity over quality. Now that I know better, I do better.

I've given away most of the purses of that time, and for the others that I have been hoarding that are better quality , I use the one year rule. If you haven't carried it in a year, give it up and bless someone else with a cute bag.


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