DC Blogger Tips: Inexpensive Photo Backgrounds

We all like captivating photos. The background is just as important as what is being photographed. However, many of us don't want or can't fork over the cash for light boxes, large lights, and photography studio grade background. Here's how I started adding a little pop of color to my pics without breaking the bank.

I first started off with white, yellow, blue, and hot pink poster boards. They are only a buck or less at the store. I chose bright colors along with white because I love color and want my blog and it's social media extensions to reflect that. However, I was reading on Pinterest last night that your background colors should look more cohesive with your blog's colors. So while I was out, I picked up dark blue, hot pink, and two white foam sheets. I set me back a little over four dollars. Most of us pay more for nail polish. What a great and inexpensive way to amp up your pics. Check out a pic I posted to my Instagram today.

What do you use for your blog backgrounds?

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