Diva's Life: The Year Is Half Over and This Is What I Learned

Today is July 1, 2015! We are officially in the second half of the year. January  seemed like yesterday.  This just goes to show that time waits on no man. Because  of that we can't become complacent. I made a vision board at the top of they year and it has been full steam ahead to put in the work to make sure my goals are accomplished. Check  out what I have achieved  so far.

1. Purchased doman for Diva Chronicles. The blog now is a  .net. I wanted .com, but that isn't  in the budget at the moment.  Apparently  I  have a "premium domain". That may be on next year's vision board.

2. Purchased domain for Diva's  Marketplace. I've  been working on an artisan focused shop for some time now. It's  still under construction (mainly because  I've been doing the constructing). I have been working on the marketing materials in my spare tims. The latest Microsift Suite is bomb! There is basically no need to outsource.

3. Apply to graduate  school. I have decided  to undergo the daunting  task of graduate  school four years after receiving  my bachelors. I'm  excited and nervous all over again. My interview  was yesterday, I'll  keep you posted on the outcome. The blogging schedule  might  change because  of that.

What did I learn so far? Make a plan and work it. Months fly by fast and getting  lazy is not an option when you have goals you want to accomplish.  I am always working  on one of my projects in my spare time. Gotta put  in work!

I hope this inspires you to keep pushing forward with your goals.


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