Diva's Life: Vacationing with Lupus

My family  has a tradition  of getting  together at least once a year and going someplace sunny. The sun in general can be a beast, but I have to be extra cautious  since photosensitivity is a symptom of lupus. Here's  how I prepared for my vacation  in Orlando, Florida, and what I did during vacation to prevent a flare  up.


1. Remember Medication: My advice is to keep it in it's  original  container, especially  if you're  flying. I got the blessing from my doc to go off my meds right before my trip (yay). However, I also made sure to bring over  the counter pain medication.  Aleve is my go-to when I'm  feeling achy.

2. The Wide Brimmed  Hat:  I packed a cute wide brimmed hat to shield myself from the rays, but I ended wearing my baseball cap to the parks.

3. Sunblock: We all need SPF. I made sure to get a least a SPF if 45 (researchers have proven the efficacy if a higher SPF doesn't change after 45) and makes sure it is water resistant.

4. Ask the Doctor: Ask your doctor  about  any extra precautions  you may need to take that you didn't think  of.

While on Vacay :

5. Comfortable Walking Shoes: Nothing  like a small leg and back flare caused by shoes reminiscent  of walking  on concrete.

6. Limit Sun Exposure: I play in the sun in spurts and relax in the shade. I also try to avoid peak hours. We went to both Disney and Universal in the evening when it was cooler and less sun.

7. Water: We bought a case of mini bottled waters and brought a couple of them and a few snacks with us to the park.

8. Rest Up: Unexplained fatigue comes with having  lupus.  You may tire before  the rest  of the crew, but that's  the body's  way of telling  you to slow down. Being  in the sun can be especially draining.  I'm  no stranger  to naps and have separated from the group to sleep and build my energy back up on more than one occasion. Don't  be ashamed, catch those midday zzzz's.

When You're  Back Home:

1.Ease Into Your Routine: This is something I still need to work on. I hit the ground running when I  got back and by end of that week, fell sick.  Sore throat, fever, aches and pains, you name it. I missed two and a half days of work because  of it. Do as I say, not as I do.

P.S. I'm  feeling  MUCH better today!!


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