DC Tech Tips: How To Change Your Primary Email for Blogger

So when I started my blog, I used my personal email  address. Big  no-no. Now that it's  years later and my blog has grown, I want to protect my personal information. So I went  to perform what I thought would be a simple  task, and it turned  out to be a lengthy process. After some research,  because  the instructions  aren't in your  blog's help center, this is what I found out:

1. From you Blogger dashboard,  click the drop down menu and select "Settings."

2. Once on the Settings page, select "add authors." Be sure to enter the new email address.

3. Login with the account you want to use, accept the invitation, then logout.

4. Login to your  old account and  upgrade  the new account  to an admin, then logout.

5.  Login  with your new account, go to the Blogger settings  and delete  your old account's email address, then logout.

6. Login  with your new address  to see if it works. Hopefully  it should.

I don't  know why Google doesn't  make this information readily  available, but I  hope this helps if you're in the same situation I was.

*Note: An easier way to do this, I later found out is to do this with two different  browsers, i.e Firefox and Chrome, to keep from logging in and out.


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