Diva's Life: Reflection

Good Morning All,

Today marks the half way point of the year. Time flies doesn't it?  It is a perfect  time to reflect on what I have accomplished  thus far, and what I have to work on in the next half of the year. I have to say the past three months have been emotionally jarring to say the least. Between March and May, I've  dealt with the sudden loss of an uncle, classmate, and two coworkers. It has truly been an emotional  rollercoaster.

There were some happy memories too. I've  gone wine tasting, to a culture festival, my best friend's wedding,  applied to graduate school, and most importantly  cherished time with friends and family. I also welcomed into the world a baby cousin that my family  can't  get enough of. I'm very much so looking forward to family vacation  in July. Fun in the sun, anyone?

I charge you to reflect as well. Just sit back in silence and allow everything  to come to you. You'd  be suprised  at how much you've  grown and accomplished in six months. Think of all the places you've  gone and people you've met. Then prepare mentally, physically,  and emotionally  for the next six months.



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