Diva Hauls + FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation

I've  been eyeing this foundation  quite  some time. Over the past couple of years (yes, I'm  late) it  has been getting  nothing  but rave reviews in the beauty community. So when my birthday rolled around, this is what I asked for.

I was shade matched at my local counter and walked away with 6C2 Rich Mahogany  A8. I went a tad bit darker due to summer beng right around  the corner. I'm  wearing just the foundation in the above photo. Now that I've  had a chance to try it out a but, here my initial thoughts.


1. Full Coverage & Lightweight: I was suprised  at how light this foundation  felt as I applied, but still left me applying minimal concealer. 

2.  Semi-Matte Finish: I have oily skin so luminous foundations are a no-go for me. However,  I don't  look like my face could crack from my foundation  being so matte.

3. Few touch-ups: I began to get only a sheen after maybe six hours of wear.

4. No "makeup smell": I've noticed  the odor is very subtle. You barely notice it.


1. Price: This baby rings in at $37, be sure not to knock the bottle over because  (see #2).

2. There's No Pump: Because  the kind folks at Estee Lauder couldn't  throw a pump on the bottle and make the foundation an even 40. Too late now. I didn't  ask, but I  don't  think they sell them separately. The MAC counter was right next to me, but it was prom Saturday and....no. I  wasn't  doing  that.

I don't  have many cons, so stay tuned for my in depth  review in the future.



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