Beauty Discussion: Illegal Butt Injections Are Costing Women Their Lives and We Need to Pay Attention

Recently  news broke that a 34 year old woman died as a result  of back alley butt injections. This is becoming an increasing  phenomenon among the everyday  woman as they try to keep up with celebrities.  Celebrities  pay a pretty penny for their rear enhancements, and many still end up looking  artificial. The staff over at Necole  Bitchie wrote a great eye opening artical on the subject.  An exerpt is below.

More and more women today are getting their butts injected with God only knows what to keep up with the ever-expanding big booty trend. A decade ago, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez’s famed fannies were top tier tushies as both entertainers were heralded for their curves. Compare them in 2015, and their butts are sitting at the bottom as celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and the Blac Chynas of the world captivate the masses.

The big booty bar has been raised so high now that women are literally dying from basement butt jobs in their quest to keep up with influential celebs like the Kardashians. Just this week another woman died while getting her fifth butt injection.

Read the rest on Necole Bitchie.

If you want any type of augmentation,  do yiur research  and go to a seasoned professional. Grill them. You're putting your life in their hands. Shows like Botched  show that not all doctors are made equal. Don't  risk you life for vanity. Your body is your temple, treat it as such.



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