Diva's Guide to Blogging: 6 Apps That Make My Blog Life Easier

As I  get the hang of this blogging thing, I've found that the use of certain  apps and websites help make it a little easier. Here a a few that I  use every time I  publish  a post.

1. PhotoGrid App

If I  want to upload an Instagram photo that is the perfect fit,  or slideshow, all of my photos are edited at some point with PhotoGrid. It's  easy to use and you can share to your  other social media platforms directly from the app. Easily one of my faves!

Cost: Free

2. Polyvore App

I use the Polyvore app to create my Outfit Inspirations.  The white background  makes the "sets" look clean and refined. It is a social media site itself so you can follow other people who are creating inspiration  boards and like and share their posts. I use the app as opposed to the website because I do most of my blogging from my phone. 

Cost: Free

3. Instagram  App

Good ole IG! When I  post previews to posts on Instagram, I make sure to use relevant hashtags to bring readers to my page and then to my site. Instagram  is great because  I  simply press the Facebook and Twitter buttons and I  have three uploads in one!

Cost: Free

4. Facebook   Pages Manager  App

I can post and check  stats at the same time! If I choose,  I  can pay  for ads as well. 

Cost: Free

5. Twitter

Just posta quick blurb, hashtag,  and link and I'm good to go. I've gained more followers and interactions using hashtags and posting during peak hours. Hello #scandal, #greysanatomy and #HTGAWN. Basically it is good to tweet during any Shonda Rhimes show.

Cost: Free

6. Pinterest

Oh how I  live Pinterest!  I have a board dedicated to my blog specifically, but often pist the same thing across different  boards to increase exposure. So far it has worked.

Cost: Free

Let me know of any apps that you use to make your blogging life better. Just click the titles to follow me on my social media platforms!


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