The Latest in Tech News: WeMojis App Created to Digitally Represent People of Color and Their Culture

I stumbled across this news while on Tumblr. Howard University  graduates and brothers Ewart Brown III and Donovan Brown created an emoji app to represent  people of color.

"Wemojis is the most comprehensive  mobile app for emoticons of color and culture."

"To provide a diverse and inclusive platform for digital  representation for people of color."
If you're a person of color like me,  you have noticed something was missing about the emojis we use on a daily  basis. One: cultural  diversity is not represented and Two: our culture  isn't  represented either. WeMojis was created to bridge that cap. Check out the screenshots below.

There are two platforms, one for social media such as Instagram.

The other replaces your iPhone's keyboard on your phone.

The app seems fun and includes emojis  for black  greek letter organizations, cute grandma and grandpa, various flags,  a pastor, women with various hairstyles, and an afro pick among the many offered. There is one con, however. It is only available  in the Apple  store. So Galaxy users such as myself cannot use the app. If you're  interested, download details are below.

Check out an interview I  found where the duo talk about how and why they got started here.

Image Credit: WeMojis


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