The Latest In Music News: Jay-Z Takes to Twitter to Address Tidal "Failure"

Twitter has been in an uproar today after Jay-Z took to his own Twiiter account to address the concerns the general public has made about Tidal. There is talk that Tidal  is a failure  after only being in business for one month. I wouldn't  call a bump in the road after being in operation for only a month a failure. Businesses, sucessful businesses, try new things all the time. Sometimes  these ideas work, and sometimes  they do not. While I  have yet to subscribe, because  I  more of a let-them-get-the-kinks-out type of person, but I  support  the concept. Read Jay's tweets below.

Whew! This situation reminds me of the bumpy road Oprah hit with OWN, but her cable channel has gained level footing after a revamp.  What do you think? Is Tidal a fail?

Tweet Credit: Jay-Z Twitter


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