Diva PSA: New URL!!! Same Great Conent, Easier Name

Good Sunday Afternoon!
I have some great news to share! I just made one of the most pivotal decisions on behalf of this blog: I purchased a domain name! This is something I've wanted to do for a while. I have been domain shopping for the last couple of months. I am quickly learning that everything dealing with blogging will mean you will at least some challenges. Here's mine:

When the time came to purchase a domain name, naturally www.divachronicles.com would be my first choice. I've always joke and say I have expensive taste (partially because I do), and that seems to be true even with something as simple as a domain name. The one I wanted is considered to be  a premium domain (which explains why it is still free) and comes with as premium price tag as well. It costs $1300-$1400 depending on the day. I even checked with multiple domain hosting companies. The price tag was still the same. So after sitting time well spent on my soapbox, I went with .net and decided to  save for the .com. Sometimes you have to take detours to get to your goals.
I am still proud of the accomplishment. Same great content, just an easier name!
What are some of your blogging challenges?

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