Hair Discussion: Bounce Back

I rarely discuss hair and hair products because I feel everyone should find what works best for them, and what works for me tends to be natural oils and water. But I felt compelled to share. So I haven't straightened or had my ends clipped in two years (afros are convenient) !! Eeeek!! Every now and then a change is needed. I wore straight hair for two weeks (yes, I got my ends clipped) and this was my up do before I washed it and bounced back to my kinks.

My hair wouldn't even lay right with my split ends. A quick trip to the salon for a trim and I had body. My hair falls to the top of my shoulders; monumental growth after a big chop a year ago. Sadly, this is the only photo I manged to take. After two weeks, it was wash day, and I have no signs of heat damage. 

The morning after my wash. I missed my coils! Every since going natural, my hair grows like weeds. My diet is a work in progress, I always drink water,  but much of my growth is attributed little to no manipulation. 

Length Check: 4 1/2 inches

Started From the Bottom: My Second Big Chop



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