Diva Hauls + Swatches: J. Cat Wonder Lip Paints

Hello All, 

So I've been seeing these J.Cat Wonder Lip Paints all over Instagram, and placed them on my list of makeup to get. While out getting hair products, I spotted them in my local beauty supply store. J.Cat Wonder Lip Paints follow the same principle as the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tars, a little goes a long way and they are meant to be mixed. Get more details below.

Colors (l to r): Always Late, Rabbit! , Ches Desire Cat, Blabberwocky, Caterpillar Smoke, 2nd Impossible Thing, Red Potion, Curiouser

I wore Always Late, Rabbit! at work yesterday.

Keep a look out for the review in the next couple of weeks!


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