Diva Chronicles Year in Review: Remembering 2014, and My Goals for 2015

Wow!  It is the last day of the year,  and I could not be any prouder of how far the blog has come. I've started this blog in 2009, with no real direction other than to create a "space" for what inspired me. I had not found my blogging voice and was posting anything.  Nothing was cohesive, but I knew I wanted to nurture it. Being a biology major didn't allow much nurturing.  So I was only able to dive into revamping it after graduation.

 Since then,  my readership has grown due to (semi) consistent blogging and finding my blogging voice.  I love fashion, beauty, culture, and technology as it relates to the aforementioned, so that's what the blog is about.  Outside of the U.S. most of my viewers are in France. Go figure! That may mean I have to push that trip to France a little higher up on my bucket list. Bonjour, mes amis français (That was off the dome! Lol) ! 2014 has brought collaborations with Mary Kay and Modani Modern Furniture.  Reads the posts herehere, and here. Traveling for my day job has afforded me to bring more content to the blog. Read a couple of the posts here and here. I hope to do more traveling and collaborations in the future. With that being said, here are my goals for Diva Chronicles for 2015.

1. Purchase a domain! Naturally www.divachronicles.com is  being held hostage by a squatter. Now I have the task with purchasing a URL that is different,  but yet the same, or paying the price.
2. Collaborate with more companies who's image coincides with the blog.
3. Travel more. This is also a personal goal. However, traveling brings more cultural content to the site. I have something in the works for summer of 2015 already.
4. Showcase more of my local culture. I live in "The Hollywood if the South" a.k.a. Atlanta.  There are always great events, artists,  restaurants,  and attractions to showcase. Look out for more of that.
5. More writers! I now see why larger bloggers have writing teams and or staff for their sites. Blogging and working 9-5 is no small feat. An extra pair of hands will allow me to get my content out more often.
6.  More makeup posts and tutorials.  I didn't have a proper camera and free time. I often get makeup questions in real life. So with my new camera, I can bring more beauty content.
7. Launch Diva's Marketplace.  I know you've probably noticed the tab, it's linked to my boutique that is currently under construction.  I want to create a space where local artisans can sell their pieces. Think small businesses for small businesses. That may be in addition to my beauty line, or merged into one. We'll see.

A big THANK YOU for reading. I can't wait for 2015!


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